Our Mission Statement at
Repton Manor Nursery

At Repton Manor Nursery we are committed to providing outstanding outcomes for all of our children. We strongly believe that each child deserves to be respected and valued as a person in their own right. Our supportive, trained and experienced team acknowledge that the child is at the centre of everything we do. The Nursery curriculum is created by listening to, and responding to, the needs and interests of every child, so that learning is fun and engaging.

The Nursery provides an environment which is safe, happy and secure. Children are encouraged and supported to develop their creativity, confidence and individuality in surroundings where they feel a sense of belonging.

Our emphasis is providing exceptional care within a framework of the highest ethical standards. We value parental and community involvement as being an integral part of our ethos and welcome parents to work in partnership with the Nursery. Parents are children’s first educators. A strong partnership and involvement in their child’s education provides children with strong foundations for all future learning. 


A little more information about Repton Manor Nursery

Learn through play

 Much of what the children learn is achieved through play. Our curriculum is based upon a blend of children’s interests, building upon past experiences, staff knowledge, celebrating the different festivals and beliefs that children and staff practice. Your child’s keyperson will plan activities that encompass all of these elements to aid your child’s development. We are the foundation blocks to your child’s journey through education and we want them to have the best start in a fun and engaging manner.

A Little History about the Nursery

Repton Manor Nursery is situated in a purpose built building and was first established in 2013, as a registered charity. We cater for children from 2-4 years of age.  The nursery can be found next to Repton Manor School and although it has a strong relationship with the school they are both separate educational settings. 

Children's Development

To help us share with you your child’s progress at nursery we use an online platform called Famly. Nursery staff will post photos/videos and observations showing you what your child has been doing during their time at nursery. You can comment or ask questions underneath the photos. We post up and coming events that are going to happen at both nursery and the local community. If your child has an accident while at nursery we will complete an accident form on Famly and you will be notified straight away (any serious accident parents are telephoned straight away). We also encourage parents to upload photos/videos of some of the things the children have been doing at home or during the holidays.

You will be sent a login details via email for Famly just before you child begins at nursery. 

As well as our online system we hold parents evening three times a year. This is an opportunity for children to show parents what they like to do at nursery. 

Physical Activity

We have recently renovated our outdoor area which has given the children greater freedom outside. They have the opportunity to make mud pies in our mud kitchen, workout what might float or sink in the water area and search for hidden treasure in our sandpit. We have also started to grow vegetables that we are lucky enough to sometimes sample at snack time. Indoors we help children to develop their muscles ready for writing by including ‘Write dance’ and ‘Dough disco’ activities within our curriculum.

Love and Care

When joining the nursery every child instantly becomes a family member of Repton Manor nursery. We see ourselves as an extension of your family. To help every child settle and thrive at nursery we adopt a strong keyperson approach. Before you child starts their journey with us you will find out the name of your child’s keyperson.  You will have the opportunity to meet your child’s keyperson and ask any questions at a stay and play session. Which will be offered to you before your child starts nursery.

Our keyperson approach ensures that your child’s keyperson builds a strong, loving and caring relationship with your child. They are responsible for attending to your child’s needs and helping them to develop. 

Listening and helping children to express their voices/ideas.

At Repton Manor nursery we have a duty to each child to ensure that not only do they reach their full potential but that we listen to the children’s voices. We achieve this in a number of ways,

  • Encouraging children to take part in our committee meetings that we hold 6 times a year.
  • At the start of each year children draw up their own set of rules and boundaries that they feel they should follow while at nursery.
  • Our curriculum is based upon children’s interest’s.
  • Children's choice boards

Want to join our nursery school, feel free to contact us for more information to arrange a visit or register by clicking below.